Vision Care

Perhaps with the advent of computers and smartphones, it seems more people need some sort of corrective help with their vision. The availability of a vision benefit, while perhaps not quite as important, utilized, or expensive as other benefits, does help make a case for improving employee morale and attracting quality talent.

While not everyone in your employ may wear glasses when they’re hired, there’s a fairly decent chance they will at some point. With influences like air pollution, smartphone screens, computer monitors, not to mention age affecting vision, it seems almost a given.


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Plan Overview

Vision is a relatively inexpensive benefit that could mean the difference in landing and retaining choice candidates. Vision plans typically cover eye exams, corrective lenses, frames, and discounted benefits at participating establishments.

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Unlike a typical medical plan, which pays a certain percentage of expenses, vision plans provide a specific benefit amount for the services or products received. Usually included in the plans are an annual eye exam, lenses and frames, contact lenses, and discounted rates on certain surgical procedures like LASIK, for example. There are fixed dollar maximums on how much the plan will pay for certain benefits. For example, if choosing a designer model exceeds the benefit for frames, the employee will pay the difference. Another possibility is to choose strictly a vision discount plan.

Please allow us to illustrate which vision plan may make the most sense for your organization.

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We work with many of the top vision plans in 48 states, including (but not limited to): 

  • EyeMed
  • VSP